That time I bought a house for $11,500.

Cheap fixer upper house

So you want to buy a fixer upper but don’t have a lot of money? No, this isn’t some “no money down” seminar where I’ll attempt to get you to buy my “insider secrets” course for $1000 after I tell you that it’s a $5000 value. That’s just annoying. This …

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3 simple and effective tips for sticking to your budget

Save 70% on everything

The challenge with sticking to a budget and making it work usually lies in having a system of organization to help you track and see 1) what your money plan/strategy is, and 2) How well you are sticking to that strategy in real time at a glance. Like most things, …

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5 cheapish ways to eliminate and organize clutter

get organized and eliminate clutter

5 cheapish ways to eliminate and organize clutter Do you ever catch yourself saying ‘I need a bigger garage, house, closet, etc’? Well sometimes that IS the case but others it’s simply a matter of looking at the space through a different lens, re-arranging, and making some tough decisions about …

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