Being frugal doesn’t have to mean living at the poverty line


Play along with me for a moment and imagine that you just got a raise that tripled the amount of your disposable income. You can now afford 3 times more than you could before, congratulations. Well that’s exactly what it’s like once you are able to buy everything at 70% off. Actually, it’s …

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4 things I learned when I cut out alcohol for 30 days.


Who doesn’t like alcohol? Ok a few of you maybe, but for the great majority of people it’s how we celebrate, relax, unwind, and get our social juices flowing at parties, get togethers, and weddings. Habitual drinking has a few downsides though aside from just the health repercussions. I know, …

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3 things you can do to avoid car battery problems

Do you know what ruins automotive parts fast? Extreme heat and cold. Where I live in Phoenix Arizona, the extreme heat is my biggest battery problem, but if you’re in a cold weather state I’m sure it’s the opposite. Either way, it’s not an “if” but more of a “when” …

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4 reasons why woodworking is a must for anyone on a budget.

A Man’s greatest resource is his labor. I know it’s been said many times before but that’s only because it applies to so many different places in anyone’s life. Anytime I don’t have money for something I want, I ask myself ‘Can’t I just build it myself?’ and over and over, …

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How to save 70% on almost everything!

Save 70% on everything

Intelligent shoppers buy value to save huge amounts of money. Less sophisticated shoppers buy based on price. Do you ever find it odd that once a new car’s tires hit the road outside the car lot that the value drops immediately? What changed? It’s the same car. The miles are …

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Life will always be an unfinished project.

Life is an unfinished project. Life will always be an unfinished project, incomplete and imperfect. The end of every finished task waterfalls into the beginning of an unfinished and new journey. Perfect imperfection constantly moving forward. Don’t regret your incomplete nature. Incompleteness does not mean you are unaccomplished, unworthy of …

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9 manual labor tips I had to learn the hard way

 9 manual labor tips I had to learn the hard way   1)     Wear gloves. It was a sunny October day where I live in Phoenix Arizona. My friend and I were moving some lumber and I asked “Do you want some gloves?”. He looked at me slightly confused and …

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5 secrets to a killer garden

So you’re ready to start a killer garden this year? There’s nothing better than fresh grown fruits and vegetables right from your back yard. They taste better, are cheaper than store bought veggies, and are at the peak of freshness. That is if you can keep the plants healthy enough …

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