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Here’s the master formula in one article

Let me try to condense the some of the core concepts behind this frugal, low-debt load, high happiness idea into one location for you. A master formula of sorts, if you will. It goes something like this.

Phase 1/Start where you are tody

1) Get serious about being frugal and limiting your expenses and disposable cash burn.

2) Find your motivation and write it down but don’t drive yourself crazy with it. This will be a process that takes time. Without knowing your motivation you’ll quit.

3) Get rid of debts/No debt/pay off debt. Once you have, it’s so much easier to “win”, not just with money, but with directing where you get to spend the time you have in this life.

4) Buy stuff used from the cheapest possible sources

5) Buy a used good gas mileage car and maintenance the hell out of it.

6) Trim all the fat from your expenses.

7) Find enjoyment and entertainment in labor, practical or artistic creation, improving something.

Phase 2/Now what’s the point?

Once you’ve got a little financial breathing room, you can start to ask questions and make decisions that improve your quality of life-You don’t have to cringe with hesitation when deciding if you’re going to address that weird sound coming from your car because you just can’t afford one more expense right not. You don’t have to fall into a fundraising panic when you learn that your hot water heater is leaking. You don’t have to work Saturday to make extra money to cover an unexpected birthday (These shouldn’t be unexpected to begin with since they come every year).

Now you’ve got some momentum

Now the next phase starts to kick in-You start to invest the excess cash you have and before you know it you’re feeling like you’ve actually got some options in life instead of being controlled by money and having it dictate your every waking decision: When you get up, what you wear, how you speak, what you literally use your mind to focus on throughout the day.

You can start directing your life in increasingly more meaningful ways,ways that are meaningful to you, and while you’re at it you’ll be available to be a better friend, spouse, and support system for the people you love. Let’s face it, it’s hard to help people when you’re just treading water yourself either by your limited time or money.

The point isn’t to glorify money, it’s to get to a place where money doesn’t dictate your decisions any more. A place where you can operate not out of financial fear but instead by asking questions like “What is the highest version of me that I can be?” “What does that look like?” “What does this person do every week, day, month?”

Side Notes:

Spending money doesn’t equal happiness

Health and fitness- healthy mind = healthy body..or  more likely, it’s the other way around.

Job close to home/find ways to buy back more time into my life

Use your time well. Run errands at lunch-don’t break up your day driving everywhere on the weekends

Health and people are the value in your life, without quality of both your life quality isn’t as complete.

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  1. “Spending money doesn’t equal happiness”

    Love this because it is the truth even if most of the population doesn’t know it.

    You seen any of this guys Tai Lopez’s ads on YouTube or Facebook? Just by watching one of the ads I thought he was a phony. He is just about money – his videos showcase mansions and expensive cars.

    It was him showing what he thinks success is – expensive things. Liabilities. As Kiyosaki puts it, rich people buy assets.

    I just want money so I can have freedom. I don’t want it to “dictate your every waking decision”.

    After I googled Tai Lopez scam, I read that he just rents the cars and houses for his videos. He wants people to subscribe to his program, which is about impossible to cancel.

    • I think I know this nonsense approach that he prescribes. It’s sad and is meant purely to be a marketing ploy to a very narrow demographic which definitely puts the cart before the horse. The wealthiest people I know aren’t interested in proving it materialistically to anyone and usually just try to blend in as average individuals. Perhaps they know that is makes very little difference in their happiness. It definitely makes a difference in the type of person you attract into your life.

  2. I totally agree that spending money doesn’t lead to happiness. Stuff just doesn’t make me happy. Creating memories and spending time doing things that I enjoy brings me happiness. I’m slowly understanding these concepts and unfortunately took me way too long to understand them. But it’s definitely something that I’m practicing now.

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