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Get away from people that show these 13 personality traits

I’ve come to the conclusion that human being play out predictable patters. This seems to also be true when discussing personality traits. I wish I could say that they were all positive but sometimes, they just seem to point to warning signs. I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes when encountering a person with too many of there red flags, that it’s best to just dump them as fast as you can when possible. Don’t feel guilty about it. Move forward with your life and be as successful and as happy as you can. Don’t dwell or think back about them, they surely won’t for you. Whether we’re calling them anti social personalities, driver personalities, or just selfish, they’re not he type of traits you want in people that you’ll want to burn time and energy bonding with. In fact, they probably have very limited capacity for forming connections with other people on an emotional level, instead seeing the other humans as resources rather than sentient beings. Feel free to post a logical disagreement in the comments section.

1) They can’t seem to focus when you are speaking

2) The show a lack of empathy in places they should show it naturally.

3) They must always be right. Not just stubborn, we’re all stubborn.

4) They interrupt you constantly, sometimes to act like they want to add to what you’re saying, but by the end of their sentence, they’ll be controlling the conversation and steering away from what ever topic you wanted to explore.

5) You get the impression they wouldn’t be there if you needed them. Instinct is a massively underrated thing. Trust it.

6) Everything get’s turned around to be about them.

7) They seem to only have logic based understanding of emotions. Like they read a wiki article on how to give a hug but otherwise don’t know how to do it. The steps are all correct but the underlying emotion is missing.

8) The dramatize things almost to the point of a lie (Outside of a story telling scenario). It’s normal to add some drama when relaying a story or conveying an emotional experience. What I’m suggesting here is that some people act, speak, and behave in a dramatic fashion to invoke a calculated emotional response in you, usually because they are trying to manipulate your response.

9) They demonstrate an abnormally large ego that is not simple self-confidence.

10) They try to gas light you or otherwise subvert your confidence on a frequent basis (Using terms they know you won’t understand in order to get control of the conversation, relaying specialized information without the proper pretext to loose you and get control of the conversation, interjecting in your conversation with random very loosely related ideas to get control of the conversation.

11) When you talk about topics they try to suffocate the conversation with thoughtless statements like “Uh huh. uh huh. Uh huh”, or “right…….right……right” that are always delivered a little out of sync with what is being said and in a manner that wouldn’t convince a middle schooler they are actually listening.

12) They have an explosive temper about their feelings buy don’t seem to even know other people have feelings. This seems to come out when anyone challenges their opinion.

13) They never show remorse or convincing guilt or it seems like they are mimicking it. These people are often extremely intelligent and logical. This makes them incredible robots not incredible humans. “

14) They use the dramatic pause or swallow too often mid sentence to leave you hanging on the “briliance” of their sentence.

I’m not a psychologist so unfortunately, I’m not fully qualified to say if you’re dealing with a psychopath (Psychopaths can’t feel guilt, remorse, empathy, and compassion the way normal humans do. They’re also not serial killers usually. They are however, walking robots dressed in human skin) but as a semi fully functioning human being, I am qualified to say that, at the very least you’re dealing with someone who is selfish to the core…..oh yeah, and possibly they’re a psychopath.

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