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6 ways getting out of debt really opens up options in life

My view of everything changed after I didn’t have any debts. It changed in ways that took me a while and some reflection to really understand and to be able to write them out on paper, even though I could feel the change pretty quickly. I took several months to really let everything sink in. Here’s what I experienced realizing I had a more complete financial freedom than ever before. I still I wouldn’t have absolute financial freedom until I no longer needed to work for someone, but for now this was a huge life upgrade. Here are 5 definite things that changed for me by getting out of debt.

1) I stopped making decisions from a place of fear and necessity.

2) I became less willing to put up with bullshit as I no longer needed to operate from a place of financial dis empowerment.

“I don’t want to do that, and since I don’t need the money, I’m not going to do that” Work a holiday. This was actually a problem for me since I still needed a job but felt like I didn’t need to be pushed on at said job.

3) The speed at which I could complete projects was faster than it had ever before (Due to free cash flow).

4) Minor problems were no longer disasters (Water heater, Car repairs, and Unexpected Tax/medical bills).

5) I felt like I was moving forward instead of just maintaining my place in life.

Little stuff like auto repairs I had been putting off got fixed, little details around the house got repaired-door trim walls painted, door knobs fixed, etc. I was able to finally buy new t-shirts (At a discount store of course), shoes, and underwear (Yeah, I said underwear. no not used). I bought some new used tools that allowed me to make and repair other items I had been putting off.  With each opportunity I seized, more and more became available. Will my new found cash flow, I realized I could start making more money. I’m not trying to sound like a Rockefeller and I’m not trying to brag. I still had a long way to go financially. This was just my experience of how money started to change.

6) Another unexpected revelation was that I wasn’t seeing linear growth in any of the previously mentioned areas.

Some areas were growing exponentially, at least initially. All of the major areas seemed to be amplified. I got a new home gym-used of course that allowed me to get “healthier” workouts. I was able to connect with people over some low cost activities. I was able to start investing and finding ways to make more money, send that money back into other projects that had been neglected, and speed thing up even more, like a feedback loop. I was able to give back to the people that had helped me along this journey. I didn’t feel vulnerable anymore financially and this made me feel strong enough to start fixing some of the holes in the lives of people close to me, financially and otherwise. I was able to really launch my healthy, wealthy, and wise philosophy significantly further and at a speed greater than before.

All of this isn’t to brag, quite the opposite. I want to peel back the curtain on the ways your life can be different and reassure you that the journey is worth the pay out, because the road is difficult and longer than I’d like.

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