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5 cheapish ways to eliminate and organize clutter

5 cheapish ways to eliminate and organize clutter

Do you ever catch yourself saying ‘I need a bigger garage, house, closet, etc’? Well sometimes that IS the case but others it’s simply a matter of looking at the space through a different lens, organizing, and making some tough decisions about what is actually encroaching on your area. Below are 5 cheap ways to take back the harmony of your living area or work space.

1) Cardboard boxes.

 I know, I know. This one is so obvious that your screaming ‘duh’ at your computer right now, but it’s first on this list for a reason. It’s so often overlooked and so effective and getting clutter into a stackable, organizable cube that you can neatly store. Try in with books, old CD’s, or anything that’s been plaguing the harmony of your space. Then label it on 2 sides, stack it somewhere, and pat yourself on the back as you notice how quickly your space transforms into clean(er) orthogonal work of logical precision and storage. What? Too far?

2) Used kitchen cabinets.

This is one of my favorites because it’s cheap, easy, and works great to turn your shop or garage into a well organized machine. Better yet, you can close the cabinet doors and put a surgically clean look to your well organized machine.

3) Throw out or sell things you haven’t used in 3 years.

This one is hard for a lot of people because it requires being honest with yourself and telling some hard truths about garbage you’ve been towing around but never used. This does not apply to irreplaceable things with sentimental value, but more for things like that old food dehydrator you’ve never used once in 5 years. Donate it, sell it, or just give it away to a friend.

4) Shelving.

 I seem to find that using shelving to maximize vertical space is key. You usually don’t need huge shelves either. Some cheap walmart or homemade ones will do just fine. I’ve been using a pair of plastic ones since 2003 and surprisingly, they still haven’t cracked.

5) Re-arrange things to make better use of the space.

One theme that seems to always come up no matter what room I’m trying to optimize is simply making better use of the space. This can mean simply mean filling in the space better or stacking things in a more intelligent way. It costs nothing and usually ensures that your Tetris skills are up to par should you ever be challenged to defend you title as reigning tetris overlord.

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